I am an award winning artist and fine art printmaker, working from my studio at Waiake on Auckland's North Shore. I've been involved in some sort of creative work most of my life – in the UK, South Africa and New Zealand. 

My art school training in the UK was in Textile Design, and although I still work in a variety of mediums, the majority of my works today involve printmaking. I have attended many classes and workshops to further my knowledge, both here and abroad, and hold membership of numerous art groups and societies.

Intaglio etchings usually with aquatint, linocuts/woodcuts, monoprints and drypoint with chine-collé, are produced on my press at my  studio. I love the whole process and techniques involved in etching, and also the carving process in lino and woodcuts. All my prints are produced on heavy weight acid free paper and only in small editions of no more than 15. The majority of my Intaglio Etchings are multi coloured, varied editions. This means that although the print is from the same plate, no two are ever the same as they are inked individually; this is a process called a la poupeé.

My proximity to the coastline continues to feed my creativity. I am  passionate about the sea, the seashore with its flora and fauna, and all the events that play out upon our water. The majority of my work reflects this.  Currently, I am working on a series of New Zealand’s beautiful beaches to bring awareness to their fragility from both environmental factors and close development.

My work is shown in selected exhibitions around the country.