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Hoiho collagraph edited.png

The word collagraph comes form the Greek 'colla', to glue and 'graph' to draw; in my case there should be carving in there as that is how my collagraph plates are made.

During the joys of lock downs, when no art materials were readily available, I turned to something I had plenty of - mount board/cardboard boxes & old milk tetra pack cartons. With board and a sharp craft knife I started carving out bits of the board, and then adding natural materials from my daily walks, along with fabrics, lace, tea leaves etc and gluing them to the board.


I enjoy doing large land/seascapes, but also little individual ones, such as the Hoiho here.


All these plates are very fragile because of their structure and after a couple of passes through the press, they have often had their life.  They are also very difficult to ink due to the various layers, but they are a real challange and still my favourite plates to make..however time consuming they may be!

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